Valentin Novichenko

Valentin Novichenko (Валентин Алексеевич Новиченко) was born in the Ukraine in 1927. After his military service (1944 to 1951) he started to work as a painter in the Ural Chimmash factory in Ekaterinburg. At the age of 29 he began his studies at the Ekaterinburg Art College in the field of Graphic Arts. Since 1957, he has taken part in exhibitions of the painters' association of the Russian Federation. His first personal exhibition took place in Ekaterinburg in 1977. Novichenko is constantly searching for new artistic ways of expression, by using various techniques (engraving, line drawing, aqua typing), materials (paper, canvas, metal) and formats to create industrial and city landscapes, portraits, still lives. Looking at his works you often find it difficult to draw the line between abstract and realistic forms, as they coexist in the same painting, intermingling and creating an unified artistic composition.

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