Alexander Podshivalov

Alexander Podshivalov was born in 1950 in Vyatka. Initially, he was not aware of his talent and did not realize that his youthful passion for drawing would become a vocation. After some years of working in many different places he began to work as a designer in some art studios. At the age of 34, he made a decisive step towards professionalism and entered the Art School of Vyatka. His consequent artistic development was formed by his teachers, Nikolay Zholobov and Maria Zubareva, as well as by many years independent experiments with various techniques and styles. His personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Carcassonne, France, June 11-27, 1998) resume his search of a personal style. Romantic impressionism, as it is revived and interpreted in the works of Podshivalov and Zholobov, is perceived as an event that expresses the global return to the sources of graceful art on the verge of the next millenium.

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