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Web directories
You can find a lot of art links on the web directories and search engines. Here are some of them:
Open Directory - one of the largest web directory. - mostly german art sites.
Yahoo - international and US art pages.
Metadir - german directory for the web directories and search engines.
Logisearch - unified access to over 500 different international and national search engines and more than 1.200 directories and resource pages.
Art resources
OpenArt - database of artists with biographycal sketches and e-mail addresses. Great!
Artquest -one of the best sites on the internet. Links, search engines, images, descriptions etc. Great site!
ArtsWire - searchable database of cultural resources on the Web. The Arts Wire WebBase was created as a public service for the online arts community to keep abreast of new arts sites and for arts websters to promote their new or renovated sites to a targeted audience, vitally interested in the arts. Great!
World Wide Arts Resources - interactive gateway to all exemplars of qualitative arts information and culture on the Internet.
Fine-Art -Great site with a lot of links. The Internet Art Database (dART) is the largest fine art listing service on the Web. It contains art from thousands of collectors, artists and dealers. If you are trying to buy or sell art, this is a great place to start.
Art Planet - is a comprehensive on-line fine art directory. It is the place to be when you're looking for art on the web. By searching Art Planet, you will discover Artists, Auction Houses, Galleries, Libraries, Museums, Exhibitions, Publishers, and other Fine Art Services. Best of all, all links in the Art Planet directory are FREE.
Art A to Z Great site!
Art Navigator - subdivided in Art & Culture Resource Lists by Country; iFinnish Art & Culture on the Web; Art & Design Lists by Topic; Surfer's List to Art in The Web; Art and Design Publications on the Web.
German galleries - informiert über die aktuellen Angebote führender Kunstgalerien und Kunstvereine aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum.
Interactive Collector -taking the antiquated out of antiques, icollector has created, developed and re-defined the auction industry online. The first to bring the auction industry online to you in 1994, the site is now home to over 650 auction houses, dealers and galleries giving you easy and immediate access to buy hundreds of thousands of items for sale.
ARTLister -classified art listing service for limited edition prints and originals.
Artistguide - online guide to a broad selection of artists, their CVs and a wide range of their work. Displays exhibitions, galleries, museums and artists.
In View -links to art resources on the web.
Retif's Art Index - directory of online artists and art related links. Like Yahoo-directory for art. Very well, with descriptions, but no ratings.
ArtGate - german site for art lovers. ARTGATE sieht sich in diesem Zusammenhang also als offenes Forum für alle Freunde der Kunst.
ArtLinx - compendium of links to art on the web. Leider ohne Bewertung!
Art History Resources on the Web - Although lacking guidance for art aficionados-in-training, this directory is a superb reference point for exploring art and art history, from petroglyphs to contemporary concepts.
Artcyclopedia - guide to museum-quality fine art on the Internet. Search hundreds of art museum sites for exhibits and artists. At January/2000, indexed 600 leading arts sites, and offer more than 21,000 links directly to an estimated 75,000 works by 7,000 different artists.
Art-Smart: Directory of Artists and Art Resources - for art professionals to list or find resources. Compilated by the Gallery on Fifth in Naples, Florida. A database of art searchable by over fifteen unique categories. Allows multiple simultaneous searches. A lot of links and images.
ArtInContext - a fine art resource including exhibition listings, galleries, museums, artists and artworks in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, film, video and other media.
ArtSeek - internet art resource Directory with listings of artists, galleries, museums plis arts news and Internet resources.
 Kara Art Server - contains online galleries of contemporary art from all over the world, lists of worldwide art fairs and contests, artists' forum, and more. In English and French. This server includes 14 sections dedicated to the fine arts.To date, KaraArt holds 3100 pages  and 3850 images.
Monna World Art Gallery - includes US Museums, schools, artists, publications, agencies, agents, and auction houses.
FineArt Forum Resource -some useful links.

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