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Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Fine Art Dealers Association - A non-profit membership organization of respected and established dealers from across the United States. Its members are dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest degree of professionalism, scholarship and integrity in all business conducted with colleagues, institutions and the art buying public. Listed 20-25 galleries with fine art.
A Visual Arts Network and Hosting Service - A US visual arts network and hosting service listing a range of art resources, art museums, suppliers, workshops, galleries, schools, and competitions.
 Visual Arts Network is an online Internet database which hosts individual Web pages for artists. Potential buyers of art can click on a number of choices to bring up the pages/portfolios of artists and work which meets their criteria.
October Gallery - African American Art.
Art Challenge - Art Challenge is an international art contest whose galleries showcase the works of artists in the categories of painting, digital art, photography, and comic/illustration.

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