Crystal Violet solutions.
DNA visualized by means of crystal violet solutions will not be damaged by ultraviolet (UV) light, as occurs when ethidium bromide is used for staining. The improvement in cloning efficiency is at least threefold as compared with ethidium bromide staining and UV wavelength approx. 320 nm and tenfold in comparison with shorter wavelength (302 nm).
Crystal violet has a lower sensitivity than ethidium bromide. Load as much as 1 to 3 µg DNA into a slot. If less than 100 ng should be visualized, use ethidium bromide.
Agarose gel should be prepared by adding 100 µl Crystal Violet solution to 100 ml gel. Add 3-5 µl Crystal Violet loading buffer to 20-30 µl digest or PCR aliquot before loading on gel. After electophoresis, place gel on a light box for better visualization of the separated fragments. Crystal violet is running in opposite direction as the DNA. Don't run the gel too long time!
Store at +4° C to -20° C.
Cloning of DNA fragments (PCR products and DNA molecules digested by restriction enzymes).

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